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Without the help of our donors The Africa Trust would be
unable to continue its life changing work across Africa.

The first funding stream for The Africa Trust was provided by AquAid Franchising, a water cooler company in the UK. AquAid agreed to absorb all the UK overheads and admin costs so that any money raised goes directly to the projects on the ground. For this reason 100% of the donations received by The Africa Trust are directed straight into the projects on the ground. We are dedicated to ensuring that we maintain our cost effectiveness, not only to maximise our impact for the people that need it but also to ensure donors money is spent successfully.

The founding CEO of The Africa Trust is Ian Thorpe, Ian has had a long partnership with AquAid during his time as the CEO of Pump Aid (which he founded). Ian’s dedication to providing value for money in projects is most evident in his creation of The Elephant Pump and Elephant Toilet. These award winning inventions have enabled us to double our impact whilst operating in the same financial constraints as before.

Without the help of AquAid’s customers and other private donors The Africa Trust would be unable to continue its life changing work. The Africa Trust also receives funding from international NGOs and bilateral funders along with trusts, foundations and individuals.

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